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Cannot restrict specific drives in ZENworks for Desktops 3 extensible policy. - TID 10057048

Novell site - ZENworks TID 10057048 (local PDF)

Novell broke the ability to reveal or obscure specific drive letters from end users in ZENworks 3 and later. These are referred to as a Visible Drives, and Hidden Drives.

This feature was well loved in Novell ZENworks ZAK 2 (Zero Administration Kit) and before; We are hard pressed to understand why it is missing.

The issue is discussed by Microsoft generally in its Knowledgebase Article Q220955 - local PDF

To address this, we sell access to a tool to generate the complex patterns needed to obscure certain drives from end users. Test the tool.

Subscriptions are on a monthly basis, or an unlimited use copy (locked to a C class of IP addresses) of the tool is available; please note that the monthly tool tracks the IP address range from which it is accessed, and will lock for a time after it sees a subscription user coming from more than two differing IP's a day.

We make this available for non-commercial and individual use. Please respect our copyright, and consider contacting us for all your Open Source and *nix design, architect / systems analysis, and administration needs.

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