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From herrold@owlriver.com Wed Dec 5 13:54:48 2001
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 13:32:05 -0500 (EST)
From: R P Herrold <herrold@owlriver.com>
Reply-To: k12linux@riverdale.k12.or.us
To: k12linux <k12linux@riverdale.k12.or.us>
Subject: Rsync copies cookbook was: Re: K12Linux: A bunch of servers.

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, jamie wrote:

> So for the other machines you just boot off a floppy format the drives and
> then rsync the rest of the files?

Easier than that ... see below

> > but I usually just build and tweak one, and rsync that master
> > to a copy across the lan or HD to HD ... It is faster ...

Here is a cookbook:

Easier than that (I assume IDE drives and Lilo for simplicity
in this example):

1.  Build a unit and admin and configure to taste -- use DHCP 
to avoid having to mess with IP and hostname setup

2.  Power down and hang another drive at Secondary Master --
-- use fdisk and mkfs to build the /dev/hdc partition
structure on the new drive

I usually hang:

1	/boot
2	/
3	<swap>
4	<extended>
5	/usr
6	/tmp
7	/var
8	/var/log
9	/var/spool
10	/home

... for reasons not relevant here.

3.  I mkfs and mkswap as appropiate ...

... again details are outside our present scope

4.  Mount thus (this looks harder than it is -- it is
completely repetitive):

mount /dev/hdc2	/mnt/build
cd /mnt/build
mkdir proc
mkdir boot
mkdir usr
mkdir tmp
mkdir var
mkdir home
mount /dev/hdc1 /mnt/build/boot
mount /dev/hdc5 /mnt/build/usr
mount /dev/hdc2 /mnt/build/tmp
mount /dev/hdc2 /mnt/build/var
cd var
mkdir log
mkdir spool
mount /dev/hdc2 /mnt/build/var/log
mount /dev/hdc2 /mnt/build/var/spool
mount /dev/hdc2 /mnt/build/home

5.  Move back to the mountpoint and suck the content across --
a careful person does this in single user mode, but it can be
done on hot systems, and with the -e ssh option to rsync, one
can salvage a dying hard drive to a good one in a new remote
chassis -- (I know -- I had to do it on a box 200 miles away
as the hard drive was dying one day -- the customers did not 
even notice)

cd /mnt/build
rsync -av --exclude /proc --exclude /mnt/build /. ./.

[This basically photocopies the drive]

hit up-arrow and do the rsync again

6.  If the partitioning numbers differ on the new drive from 
your master, edit /mnt/build/etc/fstab appropiately

7.  If using lilo, and the / partition has moved, edit 
/mnt/build/etc/lilo.conf appropiately -- Grub instructions are 
slightly different

8.  Make a boot floppy -- just in case

9.  shutdown -h now      and move the copied drive to its new 

10.  Boot from the floppy into single user mode

11.  Run   lilo -v    and ldconfig -v   (or GRUB commands ...)

12.  Troubleshoot as appropiate -- but there should be no 

13.   Hot test a reboot without the floppy -- kudzu can handle 
minor hardware variances

14.  All done;  Next ...


-- Russ

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Copyright (C) 2001 R P Herrold
      herrold@owlriver.com  NIC: RPH5 (US)
   My words are not deathless prose, 
      but they are mine.

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Other approaches:

No-one has bugged us for details on the grub variant at step 11, but it is essentially the same.

- rev 021014 RPH - grub comment before kplug post
- initial 011205 RPH

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