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Remote Installation of RedHat 6.2

with use of BOOTP/DHCP and kickstart

The client site

A client requires an ethernet card with BOOT/ROM installed on it to be able to boot/install over a network. Hopefully the BOOT-ROM includes code that makes this possible. But if you don't have such a card then you can nevertheless boot over the network if you use a special boot disk that make the network boot functionality via BOOTP/DHCP available. Such a disk can you make with the package:

steps to make such a disk: Ok ready !!!!

The server site

We have more to do on server site to make the needed services available. First isomething about the packages that we need. On this place I suppose that the BOOTP/DHCP and NFS servers should be on the same machine.

  • BOOTP/DHCP daemon to provide IP address allocating
  • included in RedHat distribution
  • TFTP daemon to transport tagged network boot images form server to client
  • included in RedHat distribution
  • foundation for NFS service
  • included in RedHat distribution
  • all daemons that are important for NFS service
  • included in RedHat distribution

Now follow these steps to make the server working:

And now somewhat about NFS service. So... I have forgotten to say somewhat about kickstart script files. Ok then I do that now.

something about BUG's

to kickstart mechanism of RedHat 6.2
leave frame group applications from Computer Centre of Chemnitz University of Technology
Mike Becher
25. Jan 2001, 24. Jan 2001