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Computer Telephony Integration

   We've been there from the start.  While Harry Newton has 
been the 'huckster' and _perhaps_ coined the term "CTI," we've 
been quietly _doing_ it.  Twenty-five years ago, we were building 
enhancement to the POTS 2500 handset, moving it into the data 
transmission age.

   Power-dialing, predictive dialing, Caller ID, and call management 
are familiar technologies.  While you might not know the 'lingo' 
to describe what you need, we can help in the design, specification, 
and implementation of a design to realize your vision.

   We _do not_ strive to be the least expensive -- Quality never is,
-- but neither are we out to 'get rich quick' at the expense of 
honor and reputation.  We deliver what we promise.


Send requests, or call to discuss:

   Owl River Company is an equal opportunity employer.


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