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Systems Administration

   We've most likely already seen the problem with your system 
which is driving you `round the bend.'  From the early days of 
punch cards and unit record machines, to the latest in high-
security methods, `tiger teams', and audit, we've been there.

   We provide leading edge development, system administration, 
and connectivity solutions to our customer base, all across the 
Continent.  We staff with the expectation of professional 
performance, provided in a friendly, competent, and professional 
fashion, by professionals.  And if we don't provide it directly, 
we'll recommend and stand behind outsourcing the work to the right 
professional.  It's what we're known for; it's the right way to do 

   We can also help your organization through the project cycle; 
Principles, Policy, Procedures, Practices, all linked through
Planning.  We train and consult with organizations in transition 
on these themes.

   We _do not_ strive to be the least expensive -- Quality 
never is, -- but neither are we out to 'get rich quick' at 
the expense of honor and reputation.
Support gateway - external services for staying 'up to date'
Services Checklist - Project 2000
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Email protection Services
License Compliance Services

     Supported operating systems: HP-UX; Solaris; SunOS; AIX; Irix; Tru-64 Unix; Linux (CentOS, Tao, cAos, Red Hat, Debian, Caldera, Conectiva, SuSE, Turbo-Linux, Slackware); OpenBSD; FreeBSD; SCO UnixWare and OpenServer; Windows NT and related MicroSoft; Novell; IBM mainframe from S/360 on ...

  Unix -- thirty years and more vibrant than ever
     Open Source: Once one gets past the hype of the 'Open Source' revolution, there is much good development and documentation work occurring. The FSF, Linux and the BSD's have made the reliability of a Posix compliant *nix work-alike, and the rich suite of development tools, and sysadmin techniques broadly available.

    We prefer Centos, Tao, cAos, Red Hat or Debian for Linux; OpenBSD or FreeBSD for BSD. We participate in the development and support for several Open Source packages, and test for RPM based distributions; (See: Projects). We support the other more marginal market share distributions as well.
Red Hat logo

OpenBSD logo

     HP-UX" The HP-UX market is vibrant and firmly embedded in the datacenter. It is the most reliable hardware, and bullet-proof of the old-line Unixes. We have 4 9 Netservers on the internet for Owl River, a C-300, and some 9000 RISC workstations -- the units just run ... HP-UX or Linux -- we support and develop for both.          HP k-class server
     Sun: The other major player in the 'Big-Iron' Unix market is Sun -- The Solaris line, and its predecessor, SunOS, are somewhat less facile of administration, but the multi-processor hardware line are also first rate. We run Sparc hardware, in both server and workstation roles; reliable as an old pair of shoes -- the units just run ... Solaris, or less compelling, Linux -- we support and develop for both.         Sun Enterprise 3000
EOL of Caldera and SCO new installation support
We have marked the following two sections in gray on March 7. 2003 to reflect our 'end of life' of support of new Caldera or SCO installations. We will 'hold our nose', and continue to meet our commitments for service and support of our existing client base presently using the Caldera and SCO products. We will also take affirmative steps to complete transition efforts away from any further use of their lines.

We will not participate in nor make any new installations of either product. The Utah state law contract claims represented in the "SCO Group" complaint (local copy) against IBM demonstrate a "litigate, rather than innovate" approach which we are unwilling to aid or abet with any further developmental, marketing or technical support.
     Owl River Company has been a 'Caldera Authorized Partner' through 2003. This was their highest level in their Partner Program. Caldera had good market penetration in vertical market applications. It has however been subsumed back into SCO, and the product line seems to be dormant with no development or maintenance occuring outside of a relaunch of SCO Open Server line with parts of its former content.
Caldera Partner logo

     We don't get much call for it anymore, with the rise of the various Open Source operating systems, but Owl River Company has been an 'SCO Authorized Reseller' since 1999. We are certified for UnixWare, OpenServer, Windows to Unix Integration, Configuring Internet Services - OpenServer, and Configuring Internet Services - UnixWare 7.
SCO reseller logo
SCO reseller logo

Vertical market software: A popular vertical market package which we provide national support on, is the ROI Manage-2000 system. We have a link to that page.
ROI logo - used for identification only and does not imply endorsement

Unix, BSD, Linux

One thing in closing:

Question: Which do you recommend; which do you use?

Answer: Posix compliant and not crippled, and with a decent package manager: Old line Unix - HP-UX, Solaris; *nix - OpenBSD, Red Hat Linux, CentOS, Tao, cAos -- Because, ultimately, standard is better than 'better'. Open is more approchable than closed. Each of these platforms provide a baseline of 'enough' features in its problem domain; adding in the Open Source tools to go from 90% there, to done; meeting the customer's need is direct, reproducible, auditable, and sometimes even easy.
BSD daemon Chuck and Linux Tux
This cute image is GPL licensed; the original archive may be found here. It reflects the friendly rivalry between the Open Source license *nices.


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   Owl River Company is an equal opportunity employer.

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