[Yum] fun things in the new daily

seth vidal skvidal@phy.duke.edu
14 Feb 2003 00:10:43 -0500

 a couple of simple things I added to the new daily.

1. url for conf file ie: yum -c http://myserver/mypath/yum.conf
   http, ftp and file urls
2. new [main] option in the config file 'commands'
   any of the functional commands will run when placed here.
   for example
    ... stuff here ...
    commands = update foo bar baz
if you run yum w/o any options it will then run update foo bar baz.
it will only work for non - and -- options. so: update, list, install,
upgrade, provides, clean, erase.
Command line overrides config file, of course.

So, the enterprising of you can clearly see the mischief you can get
into w/the two aforementioned features :)

a little cgi scripting and you could get a lot of things to happen in
your nightly cron jobs completely from the server-side.

Not that I'm suggesting anything, mind you. ;)

Let me know what breaks.