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cAos -- High Performance Open Source work environments

NEWS: cAos-1 has gone gold, and end users with a slow connection and only one host have asked for an install CD burning delivery service. Click here for details.

Linux on the desktop is an idea whose time has come. Actually, it is an idea which has been working for years, through the use of X desktops (even under a MicroSoft Windows graphical Operating system), on back through 'green screen' character interfaces in DOS, and in stand-alone 'glass teletypes' like the Wyse and ADM terminals.

It is not uncommon for an enterprise to want to provide a well-defined worktop, to focus their staff on the tasks they are supported to be performing, and to policy restrict them away from undesired pursuits. Smaller companies have struggled with locking down consumer oriented operating systems, and their lack of facility for lockdown, update, remote provisioning, and resistance to malicious web-, network-share- and email- bourne content (viruses, worms, and so forth).

The X window enviroment, and a Unix-like security model easily meets these goals, as they were designed in, from the start. We have implemented large scale work environments using wholly Open Source components.

Other end users, particularly in scientific and academic computing communities, have grown accustomed to the wealth of mature and stable applications in the X environment. The 'cAos' family of releases have a spectrum of 'sweet-spots' for stable and reliable, on over to the latest on the 'bleeding edge'.

We have participated in the 'cAos' (rhymes with 'Laos' in Cambodia) project from the beginning; we announced our Wings line in February 2003 (extended support for 'out of maintenance' RHL and related products, architectures, and projects). We also announced support for the 'cAos' line in May 2003.

Support is available on a per host, annual fee basis; on a per-site update services license on a local update server through our management services; or on a Time and Materials consulting basis. A wide range of services such as design and build, niche vertical development and implementation, change maangement, custom configuration, and proof-of concept, and of SLA options ranging from high end 24x7 monitored, business hours updates, notification services, and managed host outsourcing, are also available. Please ask for a quote today. An email to info@owlriver.com will start the process.

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