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  1. The Systems Administration page covers platforms and philosophy. 24 x 7 - across the continent.

  2. VPN backup remote server access product rollout The Project 2000 visioning document is a convenient outline summary, and some graphics we refer to in speaking to a customer about project / problem resolution services which we offer. Most compelling is the availability of 'warm' backup and development server replicants of remote customer *nix application servers, through our VPN implementation.

  3. We have been active in CTI - Computer / Telephone Integration, since the early '70s, before the genre formally existed. DOS, OS/2, Novell, Windows 9x, NT, XP, Unix and *nix: We've probably done it, seen it, or 'passed' on doing it. Our caller ID products set the standard for middleware. Our IP-driven call center product runs 24 x 7. A particularly popular new product is a Voice over IP ('VOIP') through our VPN implementation.

  4. 'uncertified' AS, AW, EW, and ES We anticipate continuing in this market and increasing share on an ongoing basis. We also support, through our VPN product, access to installation, support to SLA required (including high availability design, implementation and monitoring [over four 'nines']), and updates on all Red Hat Linux and Enterprise Linux releases, and on a non-'certified' basis installation, support and update of our variant (based on most of the 'open' components) of the Red Hat "Advanced Server" ('AS') and "Advanced Workstation" ('AW') releases. In March 2003, Red Hat re-named "AW" into "Enterprise Workstation" ('EW'), and added the "Enterprise Server" ('ES') line as an up-sized "AS".

  5. autorpm, yum, apt We also actively port, integrate and maintain our install of an RPM based Linux, largely based on the 'best of breed' which Red Hat (and therefore: CentOS), SuSE (now: within Novell), Conectiva (now: Mandriva), Ark, Castle, Fedora, and the independent packagers can produce. [We do not find material commercial demand for the Debian derived Linux variants].

    We have it for _your_ processor architecture -- x86, Sparc, Alpha, MIPS, PowerPC, S/390, ia64. We do this is a fashion which addresses agreed standards, appropriate to an industry segment; viz.,
    HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act ( 15 USC 6801 and 6805(b) ), Sarbanes-Oxley ["Sox" corporate governance, internal controls, risk management practices] ( Pub. L. 107-204, 2002; 15 USC 78a et seq. ), NCUA Guidelines ( 12 CFR Part 748 ), VISA CISP [Cardholder Information Security Program] (confidential, non-mandated reporting pre-Assessments; Assessor interface), MasterCard's Site Data Protection Program, and the unified successor standard, (including American Express [Data Security Operating Policy (DSOP)], Diners Club, Discover Card [Discover Information Security and Compliance (DISC)], JCB) Payment Card Industry; and Open Web Application Security Project ("OWASP") secure coding guidelines compliance assessments. These standards include areas such as authenticity, privacy, traceability, change control, and accountability requirements.

  6. We are very active in the anti-spam community, and offer commercial support for sendmail, dsbl and Messagewall.

  7. Red Hat up2date services and release end of life announcements The Red Hat End of Life announcement page respecting their service "up2date", and conversion of some free trial subscriptions to 'Demo' status, have raised some consternation in the 'geek' community. But in the commercial world, the process has been a 'non-issue, and 'transparent' to our clients for years; In our commercial Wings product line (also reflected in our commitment to the cAos, Centos and Tao Linux projects), Owl River Company has continued to backport some enhancements and all relevant security fixes (and still has hosts behind firewalls in service dating from) the Red Hat 4.x series, for our customers through our private VPN-access commercial FTP updates tree. We suggest that new installs use the 'Centos' line for Enterprise level projects requiring a stable user interface and foundation, or the 'Tao' line; or the 'cAos' line for a more 'leading-edge' appearance (at the expense of a stiffer learning and maintenance curve if one wants to track on the 'bleeding edge') for our clientele. Either line contains the ideal elements for large-scale X-workspace clients and back-end servers.

    Large parts of our 'add-ons' and some of that update base appear in a GPL compliant fashion at our public FTP archive, and are picked up others. We provision private mirrors, and express access through our VPN product to autorpm- and yum-enabled trusted update archives.

  8. VPN testing facility Nothing beats a real product running a real version, that you can really see the results on. Our lab can reconfigure its wide range of on-site hardware to almost any architecture and operating system level with commercial share in time frames to meet our SLA commitments. We also sell managed VPN access to secure testing compartment environments so you can lease that lab you need without delay, or the the ongoing staffing and hardware expense on your budget or balance sheet. Disaster recovery and seasonal overflow load management access is also available.

  9. Custom 'unsupported' Open Source support after 'end of life' We have long been active in Open Source community, again since before the genre existed. Some of our former projects are in UNMAINTAINED status, absent a sponsor. If the project found on our FTP site has such a notation that a project is eligible for support, or if you need skilled maintenance or a revived fork of an abandoned Open Source, we are willing to re-undertake on a commercial support basis.

Contact us for a quote. 614 488 6954 [614 488-owl-4]

Client Support Links

Email delivery issues
Domain Name maintenance
Server and Desktop maintenance
Server and Desktop 'high availability' [six 'nines'] discussion

Other Owl River Product Offerings

Wingstm commercial GPL *nix
CentOStm, Tao Linux, and cAos commercial GPL *nix support and update servers
yumconf - maintenance CGI tool

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