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Financial Administration Services

   We're at the leading edge of electronic commerce -- we are the developer
and adminstrator of a sophisticated financial services suite of 'private
label' consumer finance and collection tools.  We also were lead architect
for years for a major 'ISO' - Independent Credit Card Clearance
Organization; we are familiar and have guided organizations in successfully
transitioning to meet VISA 'CISSP' assessment reviews.

From the 'cradle' of the credit granting decision; in handling the
acquisition and settlement of credit card transaction data for thousands of
merchants daily, and on through to the 'grave' of packaging and sale of
charged off accounts, one vendor does it all.

   We can help your organization regain control of an existing portfolio,
usually for less cost and higher yield than doing it 'in house.' It just
makes sense; With our specialization in the field, and experience on
providing outsourced finance administration services, we can focus on doing
a more thorough, professional job.  And having been down the road, if your
organization is just entering the field, we can guide you down the right

   We _do not_ strive to be the least expensive -- quality never is, but
-- neither are we out to 'get rich quick' at the expense of honor and 


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   Owl River Company is an equal opportunity employer.


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