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Systems Administration - ROI

   We're really pleased to offer non-vendor support for 
the ROI ERP system.  This is an Informix based, highly 
scalable and mature system, widely used in vertical 
market situations.  It runs in both the Unix and the 
Microsoft operating system environments.

   We've most likely already seen the problem with 
your system which is driving you `round the bend.'  
We do this as part of the New Horizons consulting 
team, for customers all across the country.
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   We provide custom services, timely system 
administration, and connectivity solutions to our 
customer base, all across the Continent.  We staff 
with the expectation of professional performance, 
provided in a friendly, competent, and professional 
fashion, by professionals.  And if we don't provide 
it directly, we'll recommend and stand behind outsourcing 
the work to the right professional.  It's what we're 
known for; it's the right way to do business.

   We _do not_ strive to be the least expensive -- Quality 
never is, -- but neither are we out to 'get rich quick' at 
the expense of honor and reputation.


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   Owl River Company is an equal opportunity employer.


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