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  Open Source projects - Yu's WREQ

     These are local changes to wreq, which is perhaps the best web, tk/tcl, email, and shell trouble ticket tool which we have found. To see the changes, diff this req against the version in "Wreq version 2.7, Sept. 13, 1999" tarball.


     Here are our latest req perlscript changes [addressing the 'cookies expiration issue'], which we have developed. We are pleased with the ability to know that an expiration works when called away from a terminal. (Consider using wget to pull down the content. We have added a .txt suffix to perlscripts on this page, which must be excised.)


  • Clean up version display
  • perl @INC path fixup
  • expand cookie expiration functionality


    1.     Martin Andrews <mandrews@netgenics.com> has written a tool to take request data from the jitterbug package's format, and convert it to wreq format.

     The code was posted to the wreq mailing list handler. A copy is here: jitter2perl.txt.

    2.     Grant Parnell <grantp@ce.com.au> has written a patch to provide for common numbering incremented across all tickets -- allowing for transfer of tickets from queue to queue, without number-space collision.

The code was posted to the wreq mailing list handler. A copy is here: wreq-jobno-patch.tar.

Other Open Source Trouble Ticket Systems - (alphabetical) See also: newsgroup comp.software.config-mgmt FAQ
  • Linas' trackers - another compilation by Linas
  • Linux trackers - another compilation by Linux Center
  • Request trackers - Query at Freshmeat


  • Keystone - dead site
  • Keystone two - also dead

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