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There are no two ways about it; The Red Hat 7.2, initial release ppp package is not able to interoperate with some Microsoft PPP dialer implementations out there in the market.

If I were a suspicions sort, I might blame one implementation or the other. But that does not solve the problems out there.

Accordingly, I have reverted the changes which cause the Red Hat package to not work with the Microsoft product, and make the result available as mentioned in the post to the redhat-ppp mailing list:

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Alessandro Poppi wrote:

> Fortunately I found that W2000 is actually able to connect
> to ppp that comes with rh7.2, while w98 is not.

Interesting observation -- I stopped using Microsoft products
at their version Windows 95

> Now, since I'm not really an expert in managing packages,
> can I download the tarfile from samba.org then compile it
> without interfering with the RPM way to manage packages? I
> mean, after compiling will I just have the working
> executable to replace the buggy one, and RPM will never know
> about this :-)) or will the makefile spread files all over
> the system?

The latter --- it would be messy -- The "Source RPM" approach
to rebuilding will be much cleaner.

> Will I still be able to uninstall the package with rpm or is
> there something I should know before making the choice to
> compile the tar or not?

... No -- this method will NOT be under RPM management ...


What you have described is a "known issue" with Red Hat 7.2 as
to interoperability;  A formal Bugzilla entry exists at:


See the text of that webpage for all the gruesome details.  In
response, I 'reverted' the offending patches out, and placed
a SRPM, the revised .spec file, and an RPM at:


which I have successfully tested with a current Red Hat 7.2
installation, with all relevant updates, and the mgetty
package. -- It works for me -- I hope it will work for you.

-- Russ Herrold

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