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  Open Source projects - htdump

     The creator and current maintainer is Ren Hoek (ren@arak.cs.hro.nl) . Ren maintains the prime site at: http://arak.cs.hro.nl/~ren/linux/.

     Stimpy (stimpy@owlriver.com) , at Owl River, is responsible for questions on the RPM packaging of it. There is an open issue getting the code to build with SSL support under RH 6.1, which we are tracking down. Please send any comments to him.

     The latest version is: htdump-0.9y mirrored on 28 Jan 2001.

     We have created a SPEC file for the package, enabling creation of an SSL capable variant. We've also have an FTP mirror site, holding the current pristine source (in the SRPM), and RPM, SPEC, and SRPM files for users of that packaging system.

     See also FTP site at: Owl River htdump FTP site


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