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  Open Source projects - Exchange Server replacement mirror

     Exchange Server is the 'Legacy' proprietary 'Closed Source' Microsoft mail, and directory application. Also present are calendaring and replication.

     Owl River Company has succesfully fire-walled such servers, and the unusual Microsoft port requirements, for full external public Internet access, which still protects all other ports on the underlying NT server. Ask us for a quote.

     This is a mirror of the Array Services -- Curt Johnson site -- copied across on August 19, 2000, using wget, and the following syntax:

    wget -m http://www.arrayservices.com/projects/
Note: There has been a 'honeypot' trapped URL -- break out of the mirror process if it hits the trap. -- Omit the backslash on the broken URL above

Click this link to see the local mirror text. While this mirror will be updated irregularly, please check the prime link if there is any question.


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