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                 `dirtypgp' is a `quick-and-dirty' wish script to run in a X Window environment. It is a `workslate' upon which `clear' or `cipher' text may be cut and pasted.
    A series of button controls then are used to convert to and from `ciphered' and `clear' text, encoded with the PGP package.
    It was originally written by Carsten Meyer , who released it under the GNU project GPL.
  •     A nice screenshot from Carsten's machine is here.
  •     The latest version of the script itself is here.
  •     The CHANGELOG is here.
  •     The LSM entry is here.
  •     There is now a `developers' mailing list called `dirtypgp-list', to which you may subscribe using the customary majordomo commands at:    majordomo@owlriver.com

Help wanted

What are your thoughts for a TODO list? It would be nice to extend it thus:
  1. To use GNOME interface keybindings and and to conform to the GNOME model, for inclusion in the 'usual suspects' Open Source distributions.
  2. To have a nice logo, suitable for use on a desktop, conformant with the Enlightenment or WindowMaker sizing standards. Perhaps it could be based on an image of a child's writing slate, with a picture of a key or lock on it. ... hint, hint.
  3. It's a pretty obvious install, but perhaps an RPM `spec' file, or a .deb install package is in order.
  4. If there is demand, we will host a announcementusers, and users list under majordomo. Send an email if you're interested.
  5. A `pwslate' -- password slate -- companion package, keeping a flat, delimited, PGP encrypted table with: hostname, userid, password, and hint1, ... hintN columns, would be useful. Owl River will host the extension project, if someone will take a shot at the coding.
  6. cringe -- Maybe we'll port it to a Win32 environment. ... or not.

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