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  Open Source projects - DHIS

     DHIS - Dynamic Host Information Services is a project of Joao Cabral of Lisbon, Portugal. Joao and friends maintain the prime site at: http://www.dhis.org/dhis/.

     We have created a SPEC and patch file set for building the server component, which people have trouble with (The initial development of the package occurred on an older version of BIND, and on the Solaris platform, which is a bit tricky to port from). RPMs, SRPMs and the SPEC file are at our FTP site, mentioned below.

     The other files in the DHIS suite -- dhis, relay, and dhistools -- are also packaged in SPEC files, and SRPMs and RPMS are also present.

     We solicit feedback of your success and problems.

     We've set up an FTP site, holding the current pristine source, and RPM and SRPM files for users of that packaging system.

     See our FTP site at: Owl River DHIS FTP site

Install help

     This is a fairly new packaging, and so we are still 'tuning' the SPECfiles. While the install documentation discusses site-specific configuration matters, we can help get the RPMs installed remotely. (Usually this is due to versioning or distribution issues.) Please provide this following email so we can diagnose:
rpm -Uvvh dhistools-4.0-3.i386.rpm 2>&1 | \ mail -s dhistool-bug info+dhistools@owlriver.com,root * -- substitute the package name on the first and second lines with which you are problems. It will mail a copy of the install report to each of us. Then send an email along too, with a description of any other helpful information which you might offer. Be sure to include an email address to which we might reply. This is done on a 'time available' basis, but we can usually solve install issues remotely.


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