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  Open Source projects

     This is a collection of Open Source projects in which Owl River Company have or currently participated. An annotated index of the items at the Owl River Company FTP site is here.
     The within projects are hosted, contributed to, or and in some cases sponsored by the Owl River Company with affirmative development work. Each listed project is freely distributible under a License or operates with an interest in the advancement of Open Source standards.
  • interviews, essays, philosophy, and photos:
  • Open Source projects we contribute to and follow:
    • Owl River tips -- We distill internal documentation to a form we are comfortable releasing publicly. Some are first echoed publicly in mailing list posts, which provide a convenient vehicle to organize content for external release.
    • trainwreq -- A fork of the fine wreq trouble ticketting system as last maintained by Yunliang Yu <yu@math.duke.edu>. The last public commit by Yu on wreq was 2000/02/23. Email to him on updates, and on the mailing list have not been answered for over a year at the time of the fork.
         This is a joint project of Rossberry Consulting and Owl River Company. Tarballs initially are available -- RPMs soon
    • yum -- seth vidal has written a worthy and capable RPM based distribution management front end, with the best dependency solution code there presently is. We document yum hints and cookbook style approaches - upgrades, chroot, building and server side management tools.
    • htdump -- Ren Hoek <? - Where is Stimpy?>, has written a worthy and SSL capable http/https dumper front end, much like lynx -dump without the overhead -- RPMs
    • DHIS -- Dynamic Host Information Services, Packaged in a port to Red Hat Linux 7.0 -- a bit tricky with the different library localtions for BIND in the Red Hat environment -- RPMs - UNMAINTAINED 8/2002
    • OpenBSD ftpd -- OpenBSD's ftpd, ported to Linux -- needed with the issuance of the broken wu-ftpd by Redhat October 1999 -- RPMs -- UNMAINTAINED 8/2002
    • checkservice -- Paul van Tilburg's lightweight internet services monitoring and notification tool. First rate! -- RPMs - UNMAINTAINED 8/2002
    • IPTraf -- Gerard Paul Java's neat console based IP traffic monitoring utility. Quite usefile in tracking down those pesky network issues, along with tcpdump -- RPMs - UNMAINTAINED 8/2002
    • bidwatcher -- Wayne Schlitt's ongoing maintenance effort of Trent and Tom McNair's bidwatcher EBay bid watching and sniping system. -- RPMs
    • calendar -- The BSD calendar shell application -- RPMs
    • cAos -- The community Au courant operating system - support notes
    • CentOS -- The community Au courant operating system - CentOS RHEL rebuild project - support notes
    • NeoMail -- Ernie Miller's neat perl CGI mail reader -- not POP -- not imap --- but manipulating /var/spool/mail files directly! -- not directly RPM applicable - perl-MD5 and perl-CGI at Owl River FTP site here.
    • RPM -- Red Hat Package Manager - A major Red Hat competitive advantage is its packaging tool.
    • SRPM Packaging -- Independent packagers, such as Matthias Saou' freshrpms.net, and Warren Togami's Fedora project are appearing in the RPM-based systems 'ecology', providing extended RPM coverage as an independent packaging locales.
    • COLUG webpage re-implementation -- A wholly Open Source re-implementation, using PHP and MySQL, and GD-created PNG images
    • wreq -- Yunliang Yu's wreq trouble ticketing system, implemented in perl
    • dirtypgp -- A Tk/Tcl cryptography PGP workslate applet
    • GNU dip -- dynamic DNS IP - UNMAINTAINED 8/2002
    • Exchange -- Exchange Server Replacement HOWTO
    • DHCP Client management
    • buildRPM -- Automate a 'hands-off' production of a RPM based ISO CD image from a handful of SRPMs
  • patches:
    • Red Hat 7.2 fix for ppp -- The Owl River Company ppp RPM for interoperability with certain Microsoft dialers -- RPMs
    • Older and unmaintained -- mod_php3 - MySQL -- The Owl River Company mod_php3 RPM with integral MySQL support -- RPMs

  • RPM packaging:
    • We package Open Source projects continuously, and at last count had over 270 projects not otherwise packaged available at our anonymous FTP archive: here

  • majordomo and MailMan listserv:

  • We provide space, bandwidth, and render sysadmin services without charge for the Central Ohio and other Linux Users Group hosts and other Open Source projects:

  • ... foster values worthy of support, ...

  • and maintain an archive of web pages which would otherwise be lost to the community.

Useful Stuff to Watch

Open Network Management System - watch out Tivoli, HP OpenView, CA UniCenter, Aprisma Spectrum, etc.

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