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The same computer technology which can offer security, and privacy of thought, can also be subverted to provide Orwell-ian "1984" covert surveillance to government, employer, and family members.

FBI keystroke wiretap technology, and break-in (with warrant) to place tap devices

Philadelphia Enquirer story

Microsoft appears to have 'enabled' Windows with US federal government agency keying to permit monitoring actions of all computers running presently supported levels of Windows.

How NSA access was built into Windows - Microsoft ships undisclosed NSA 'backdoor' keying - from: Original link
The initial inadvertently leaked symbol nomenclature of the 'NSA' key could simply have been a slip-up by a coder in describing an RSA type asymmetric keying setup. The presence of multiple public keys in a series is an element for formal external key management and revocation support, and no longer can be 'explained away' with 'arm waving.'

Microsoft has asserted the right to access (using an unrestricted 'Administrator' rights account), audit all programs (which programs can record, bypass and evade all passwords, keying and other attempts at access control), and therefore view and copy offsite all data, and to remotely disable what it alone determines to be unauthorized software and installations, with a 'contract of adhesion' forced 'consent' in a mandatory security 'update'.

Is Microsoft Licensing Forcing Banks to Break The Law? - from: Original link
The federal healthcare 'HIPAA' requirements, and the federal banking 'Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 2001' each forbid external party control or access to sensitive personal medical record and treatment, and personal financial data, respectively. The 'update' and disablement capabilities, through an permit anonymous, unreviewable and un-controllable access to such data to parties able to penetrate the encoding mechanism.

... and ...

Unfortunately, Microsoft has shipped code which permits anonymous third-parties to use an ActiveX control (which control accompanies EVERY current Microsoft offering), to bypass all security controls. See: here. See Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-065 here dated November 20, 2002


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