Miscellaneous Links to the World Wide Web

This is a list of interesting sites on the World Wide Web. Some of them are human services related, some are just recreational in nature. All are intended to give the user a flavor for other things that are "out there" on the Internet.

The New York Times
The New York Times Home Page. Look at the news, classifieds, and other sections using the ease of the World Wide Web.
Cool Site of the Day
A new site is listed here daily. Some are pretty interesting and relevant. many are somewhat time-consuming as they contain graphics.
Founded by the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, CICNet is a cooperative among the major research institutions in the Midwest.
CERN/ANU - Demography & Population Studies in Australia
This server in Austrailia provides information on the study of demographics and population and is very useful in the study of social indicators.
Ohio Data Network (ODN)/DEC Group Home Page
The Ohio Data Network is the link to the group that serves the computer connectivity needs of the State of Ohio.
National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect
A national archive of data and information on child abuse and neglect.
Ohio Literacy Resource Center
This group located at Kent State University provides planning and implementation information for literacy programs across the state.
Consumer Information Center
A service of the General Services Administration of the U.S. Government.
A site made possible by a grant to the University of North Carolina by Sun Microsystems.
Population Index
A publication of the Office of Population Research, Princeton University.
PC Lube and Tune Exit Ramp
A link of miscellaneous connections both helpful and interesting.
An interesting link providing information on the Zen Philosphy. Another side of the Internet.