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About Internet Resources

This section contains information from around the world related to health and human services. As a service to the local health and human services contacts, MHSC scans the Internet for databases that are useful for planning. MHSC then makes it easy for planners to connect to these databases by posting them here, in this section of PIE.

The World Wide Web is a newer method of getting information from the Internet. The World Wide Web is a graphics oriented interface with the Information Superhighway that allows the use of HyperText Markup Language (HTML) to navigate your way through the maze of hosts and directories of information.

Moving from page to page on the World Wide Web is as easy as pointing and clicking on highlighted text (or, if you are a text-only user, tabbing to the highlighted text and pressing ENTER).

The following topics connect you to list of links to other sites have been selected by MHSC as relevant to human services planners and funders. If there are other sites that you feel fit this criteria, please send the site to and we will add it to this list.

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