The People and Information Exchange (PIE)

The Metropolitan Human Services Commission developed its People and Information Exchange (PIE), an electronic information system, in order to provide quick and easy access to information vital to human services planning tasks. PIE is a computer system that links MHSC and the major funders of human services in Franklin County. It was designed to help the Commission achieve its mission: to provide strategic leadership for the Columbus metropolitan community in building and maintaining a human services system that strengthens the condition of all residents.

Building this system requires information about the community's conditions and the resources used to address these conditions. Since its creation, MHSC has been committed to improving the information pool available to local planners and is always looking for better ways of collecting and sharing data used in making decisions about strategies, programs and services.

PIE is a powerful tool because it is:

MHSC uses the information obtained via PIE to make observations about broad topics like the qualify of life in Central Ohio, as well as more narrowly focused subjects such as human services levy requests. By improving the quality of information, PIE can help MHSC's staff and Board formulate human services recommendations for Franklin County.

To open an account, click on this address to send email to and request information regarding getting an account on PIE. You can also contact Information Services at the Metropolitan Human Services Commission, 360 South Third Street, Columbus, OH, 43215, (614) 224-1336 or (614) 224-6472 FAX.

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