Links to and about NonProfit Organizations

The Private Industry Council's WorkWeb
Work-Web is the latest effort of the Private Industry Council to assist people who need to brush up on classroom training and/or job skills, or who otherwise need assistance in gaining employment.
M.A.U.D - Supporting the Nonprofit Community On-Line
Assessing the Options for an Internet Presence
Public Information Project
Solinet, a not-for-profit library service organization, as part of our U.S. Department of Commerce funded effort to develop an on-line database of economic data, has developed an on-line survey for uses and providers of economic information. The on-line survey will supplement a longer survey that was distributed through the mail. If you use or provide economic information on-line, please take a few moments to complete the survey. The results will be posted in late February on Solinet's Public Information Project home page.
Internet Resources for Non-Profit Organizations
Links to relevant topics to nonprofit organizations.
Welcome to HandsNet
HandsNet is a national nonprofit organization devoted to human services.
National Coalition for the Homeless
The National Coalition for the Homeless is a national advocacy network of homeless persons, activists, service providers and others committed to end homelessness.
Woodstock Institute
State of the World's Children: UNICEF
UNICEF's annual report on the children of the world; now on the World Wide Web.
Neighborhoods Online: National
A source of information and resources list for community activists and organizations.
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Parenthood, the world's oldest and largest voluntary family planning organization, offers information on all aspects of birth control, access to family planning services, abortion, sexuality education, sexual and reproductive health, and advocacy for reproductive rights.
Internet Nonprofits Center (INC)
The INC is a link to nonprofit agencies from all over the country.
A Guide to Internet Resources for NonProfits
An additional source of resources and helpful guides for nonprofit organizations.
UUNN Home Page
The Urban University and Neighborhood Network is a coalition of urban universities and community-based organizations in Ohio that collectively provides tools for the betterment of neighborhoods and their residents.
How To Win Funds & Influence Panels - Contents
Community Services Planning Council
Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development

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