Local and State Links

State of Ohio Front Page
State and Local Government on the Net: Ohio
National Civic League
The National Civic League is a national non-profit organization devoted to making cities work for everyone.
Neighborhood Networks
Community Development Society
This non-profit organization exists to facilitate discussion and information-sharing among community leaders. Includes other links to pertinent information from other cities around the world.
Seattle Community Network IP Home Pages
Seattle, Washington's own community networking WWW Page. This is Seattle's example of a system like PIE, but it provides information to a greater number of people with a greater variety of functions in the city.
It's a funny name for an Internet link, but Yahoo is the link of links page. This particular section has further WWW links to state and Local Government Resources on the Internet. For more Yahoo links, go to Miscellaneous links and click on Yahoo.
LGnet: Local Government Network
A Web site for local government leaders and staffs.
American Communities
The information center of the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Community Planning and Development.
A product of City Net Express, an information link to cities all over the world.
ColumbusPages (TM)
A variety of information about Columbus, OH, including health, jobs, government, development and recreational activities. A division of ArmChair Marketing, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio Home Page
More detailed than the previous page. A product of the Stelling Group.

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