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     We have been active from the start with the Messagewall project. Messagewall is a scoring and distributed 'signature' sums spam and hostile MIME-encoded (virus, worms) detection, scoring and filtering tool. It is substantially more effective, and demonstrably more accurate than any other project or product in the marketplace as of July 2002. It is an outgrowth of the DSBL anti-Open Relay, anti-spam identification tool. Message Wall homepage

     Such email content scoring tools are designed to be used by email transfer ("SMTP") programs such as sendmail, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes, postfix, and qmail, to identify potential 'spam.'

     The 'spam' (also called "Unsolicited Commercial Email") is a tide of extremely low cost-to-send solitication email, which threatens to overwhelm email transfer programs. Similarly, the email propigation of Virus and Worm attacks requires ingress and egress proxy filtering to achieve reasonable real-time levels of control.

     ... and it works: In April 2002 trials against a 'spam in hand' archive of known spam, it proved markedly (more than 50 % more) effective than its nearest competitor. <advt>We also sell support -- see the bottom of this page.</advt>

     We actively participate in the design, maintenance, and support of installations across the US which use the tool, and indeed, we use it ourselves.

     Because of this, potential clients who are listed are sometimes unable to send us email. Accordingly, we offer a technical support and a contact web browser-based form.

We sell this commercial support, on a remote access basis worldwide, or a site present basis in the Western Hemisphere. If your organization is struggling with these issues, please contact us for a quote.

See also: DSBL Open spam Relay RBL based filtering system
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