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RE: [DSBL-Contact] mail error

Subject: RE: [DSBL-Contact] mail error
From: "Russell J. Lahti" ####@####.####
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 13:06:49 -0500

Found in the admin list mail archives
credit goes to Dan Bochnovic:

From: "Daniel Bochnovic" <>
To: "Rik van Riel" <>
Subject: RE: [DSBL-Contact] listing question

All good Microsoftware makes you do the Gates Two Step. Exchange 2000 is no 
exception... This little dance took about a week to pick up. Most of the 
time looking at DSBL.Com saying "What the ?!#?!* do you want..." That's 
were that "Wait (1) week" msg really got to me.

To configure Exchange 2000 to accept (and deliver!) postmaster@[x.x.x.x] or 

Short version:
         1. Create a "RECIPIENT POLICY" to accept @[x.x.x.x].
         2. Create a "postmaster@[x.x.x.x] alias on an existing account.

Step by step version:
1. Configure a Exchange System Manager Recipient Policy.
         -Under Recipients-> Recipients Policy -> New
         -select "E-mail Addresses"
         -add simple display name like "IP literal with brackets"
         -Don't add a filter! Skip to the second tab "E-mail addresses 
         -choose 'NEW...'
         -choose 'SMTP Address'
         -enter @[x.x.x.x]   //those x's should be numbers. your number.
         -select your entry //I don't know why, just make sure you check 
the box
         -Apply changes and save.
         FYI - If you get a msg to "Update all records..." answer NO.

2. Add a postmaster@[x.x.x.x] alias to an existing account.
         -in Active Directory User Mgr
         -select a user -> properties -> E-mail addresses
         -choose NEW...
         -choose CUSTOM ADDRESS  // Don't choose smtp! Bill G will not 
allow a [ in the address
         -enter Postmaster@[x.x.x.x]
         -enter type as 'smtp'   // Smile, you just fooled Bill.
                             // Now make a sad face because we still paid 
him for this crap      -apply and save

3. Do it all again without brackets for postmaster@x.x.x.x

Defeating the Black Knight,


Hope this helps.


At 05:13 PM 1/7/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Throw me a friking bone man I Have set up my exchange 2000 server to run
>reverse dns lookup but can find no info on configuring it for rfc-822
>@[*.*.*.*] type addresses I have set up the postmaster account and can
>use it for but can not use it with the
>address  postmaster@[] can exchange 2000 relay this type of
>ip literal domain name. Please I have been punished enough for my
>mistake release me from this misery I promise I will not do it again.
>Regards mike
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Russell []
>Sent: 07 January 2003 12:38
>To: Mike Ryan
>Subject: Re: [DSBL-Contact] mail error
>Your IP being listed does not restrict your mail server from
>accepting mail from DSBL.  If you visit the page with details
>for your IP:
>We can see that your mail server will not accept mail to
>postmaster@[] or abuse@[]
>(the addresses that you are selecting to send mail to)
>You must select a *working* removal address before you can
>remove your IP.  For more information on domain literals
>see here:
>Your only other option is to change the reverse DNS for the
>IP in question to modify the removal address options.
>Hope this information helps.
>Quoting Mike Ryan <>:
> > Please remove The Ip address from your database I have
> > visted your web site to fix the problem we are having but your web
> > can not mail me confirmation because we are listed -  catch 22. We
> > now fixed the open relay problem with our server .
> >
> >
> >
> > This problem is starting to have a serious effect on our business
> >
> >
> >
> > Regards Mike Ryan
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >