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Are you using unlicensed software? If so, the BSA is calling a Truce. You have one month to get legal.

Welcome to the official web site of the Business Software Alliance's 30-day Truce. The BSA is offering a Software Truce between November 1 and November 30 in the Austin, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Phoenix areas. Take this time to review your software installations and usage and, if necessary, acquire the licenses you need to become legal within your organization. If your organization becomes fully licensed during the Truce, BSA will not seek to impose penalties for any unauthorized copying that occurred before November 30 (unless your organization has been informed it is already under investigation). If you are contacted by the BSA, just show us your Truce Participation Number and software purchase receipts to take advantage of the Truce.

To register for the Truce or for more information click on the "30-day Truce" button on the left. If you need further help, you can download one of the following tools, or call our hotline, 1-877-536-4BSA, for specific answers to your questions:





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