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Conversion casestudy and comparisons - Free and Open Source Software *nix from proprietary approaches

Linux lands big bank account 27 Nov 2002 - Rationalizing IS infrastructure, and permitting both cost savings and increased flexability - (local PDF)

US DoD Usage - MITRE survey piece - Oct 2002 - Free and Open Source Software vital to large parts, and "One unexpected result was the degree to which Security [infrastructure at DoD] depends on FOSS" (Executive summary at page 2) - (local PDF copy) - Register response - (local PDF)

Hotmail - Aug 2000 - Leaked Microsoft internal analysis on the relative strengths and weakness of UNix and Windows 2000 as an implementation platform for Hotmail. Unix wins. (local PDF copy)

Mega services - Sept 1999 - Leaked Microsoft internal analysis on 'Challenges to Building Scalable Services' -- the Unix model of small, capable tools wins again -- see the Observations of Section 3: Maintainability, Scalability, and Availability. (local html copy)


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