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We read _all_ the time -- and we rather like Amazon for their service. Their prices are _not_ always the least expensive, and we have techniques when price is the _only_ criterion, to find the _least expensive_ on the 'net. -- We're an 'Amazon Associate", and appreciate the chance to recommend their service.

There are a couple of negative Recommendations here -- but there are so many unworthy books we have bought over the years that we often ask the local library to order in a questionable one, and read it there. If it is worthwhile, we buy our own copy.

To the right (if you are using a browser with Javascript enabled) is a random selection of the books from my personal library. Unfortunately it contains both books of merit, and less inspired writing. Addition to the enumeration is somewhat random (I converted my account at the Library Thing to a lifetime one, so that I am unconstrained as to what I can index. A full view of what I have decided to enter is available for those without Javascript, or wanting to see more deeply into my collection. I find it interesting to see the items 'shared' from least on up, as a proxy for merit, or perhaps just obscurity, of a given work.

... another benefit of the process of entering items, is that I have an occasion to decide to discard (through consignment back into the maw of the Amazon used pool) books I will never read again. If they are bad enough, I offer the item at a penny. The flip side of this of course is that I tend to BUY such from Amazon, treating the 'shipping tax' as really a proxy for not having to go to the local library and argue with the accessions manager about adding the item.

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Please click the Image, rather than the text to see the Amazon reviews; the textual links are into the Library thing.

Systems analysis

Godel, Escher and Bach:
  An Eternal Golden Braid
-- What to say ? Douglas Hofstadter' Pulitzer Prize was, and remains well-deserved, in this delightful and thoughtful romp through the meta-universes of thought itself. Take six weeks, and enjoy the read; you'll find depth of meaning both in the book, and in how you view your world.
Our highest recommendation.

The Mythical Man-Month:
  Essays on Software Engineering
-- Fred Brooks' classic treatment of project management. Written in the particular context of a software project, it distills lessons on scalability. It clearly explains the reasons and human factors which cause large project implementation to flounder regardless (and indeed, sometimes _because_) more and more resources are 'thrown at it.'
Highly recommended.

The Unix Philosophy -- A straight from the shoulder discussion of clarity and simplicity of design to form the sophisticated UNIX operating environment. Read it for an appreciation of the genius of simple tools.
Thought-provoking. Get it.

The Cuckoo's Egg
    Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage
-- An engaging trip through an early 'real-world' computer security Oddessy. Cliff Stoll, the author, then continued with pre-'Open Source' revolution 'digital economy myth' icon-smashing in Silicon Snake Oil: Second Thoughts on the Information Highway .
Each is well worth the read.

Open Sources:
  Voices from the Open Source Revolution
-- A somewhat uneven compilation, which would have benefitted from stronger editting. It is drawn from essays of like kind to be found by the chapter authors in their generally available web-pages.
Read it on the web.

The Practice of Programming -- Brian Kernighan presents a readible exposition of approaches to better program design and implementation. The discussion on benchmarking and performance tuning challenges traditional 'common sense' methods (ones which are simple, but are simply wrong).
Worth the read.

Gateway to PERL programming

     PERL has become the dominant scripting language, effectively subsuming some of the shell scripting primitives. To be literate in modern systems administration, one must read, and to some degree be able to write PERL effectively. The choices are straight from the camels' and llamas' mouths (That is, the authors are the core developers and exponents of PERL).

Sed and AWK -- hunh... -- Yes, you heard correctly. This O'Reilly book ( O'Reilly setting the standard to which other Unix technical publishers should strive, in our opinion ) is the foundation upon which PERL was modelled. The book is a course in string processing, logically and thoughtfully presented.Both a classic, and a
Must Have Buy Recommendation/

Unix Shells by Example -- has been recommended to us as a shell training text, but we have not yet completed our review.
Pending ...

Learning Perl (2nd Edition) -- The reference course -- the tone is light, and the examples are breezy. A reasonably painless to get the concepts presented.
First Buy recommendation -- Build a strong foundation.

Programming Perl (2nd Edition) -- Flesh out the details, and more carefully study the decisions and reasons for some of the more arcane PERL constructs -- AWK and SED, REGEX and globbing explored.
Second Buy recommendation -- Buy it for the guided tour through back alleys of PERL.

Perl Cookbook -- Tie it all together with a careful cover to cover read.
Third Buy recommendation -- Buy it to authoritatively learn the shortcuts through back alleys of PERL.

Nitty-gritty CGI programming

Core PHP Programming:
  Using PHP to Build Dynamic Web Sites
-- The first of the PHP books, but disappointing, if one is willing to plow through [plough thru<?>] the MAN pages and some of the HOW-TO's freely available.
Qualified Buy recommendation -- Buy it if you need the desk reference.

-- Contrary to the volume above, this one looks to be substantive, and to tie the various freely available documentation together.
Pending Buy recommendation -- We'll most likely upgrade to a full recommendation once our copy arrives. [p.s. -- UPDATE: The volume arrived -- yes -- It's that good -- Full Buy recommendation]

Nitty-gritty UNIX system administration

UNIX Power Tools -- This comprehensive compilation of tips and techniques is a `The Joy of Cooking' for Unix admins. In a positive sense, it will enable you to have an authoritative reference to help dig yourself out of a scripting or admin `hole' in short order. The information contained in the text is gleaned from years (decades!) of Unix sysadminning and updated recently by Peek, the editor. We feel that it is a virtue not to be Linux-centric -- the Unix skill set is a broader set of tools than any one vendor can or should fully represent.
Reference Buy recommendation.

Essential System Administration:
Help for Unix System Administrators (Nutshell Handbook)
AEleen Frisch -- This is another 'oldie but goodie', again with comprehensive scope of coverages. The Nutshell series of O'Reilly is probably a real moneymaker for them -- and should be, for the information is usually authoritative and stood the test of time.
Reference Buy recommendation.

UNIX System Administration Handbook
by Nemeth, et al., -- is also well-though of. It too is over five years old, and in its second edition. It is written to an intermediate level, with 'nuggets' for gurus. We suggest asking the local library to order it in, and checking it out there, as a tutorial, and then moving over to the two listed above for permanent reference.
Alternative Reference Buy recommendation.

... and less 'hard-core
' What You Need to Know When You Can't Find Your Unix System Administrator: --
Linda Mui has produced an approachable gateway into those afore-mentioned MAN pages and HOW-TO's freely available. Unlike the preceding PHP treatise, it does make sense to buy this book if you need the desk reference. While it preceeds the Linux / Open Source revolution, the basic principles are not going to change beyond recognition.
A Lesser treatment -- Reference Buy recommendation.


Building Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls -- A reputable publisher (John Wiley & Sons), and an intermediate level treatment. We have it on order, and are looking forward to working through it. Our security practice handles both Linux, and OpenBSD [OpenBSD being the definitive approach of the BSD's on security {Thanks, Theo!}].
Pending Reference Buy recommendation.

Virtual Private Networks, 2nd Edition-- The first edition was feeble; the second edition all right, but not to the caliber which we expect from an O'Reilly text.


Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, 2nd Edition -- A top notch presentation by Bruce Schneier, who is himself a major light in non-governmental cryptography. You need this book if you need to really understand cryptography for modern e-commerce.
Strong Buy recommendation.


The One Minute Manager -- This work by Ken Blanchard and co-author Spencer Johnson is a concise, and workable paradigm for bringing out the best in a collaborative, hierarchical enterprise. The lessons are built in a systematic, parable-like fashion, providing an approachable method to excellence.
Strong recommendation.

Getting to Yes:
  Negotiating Agreement
    Without Giving in
-- This careful tratment of the process of negotiation by the Harvard University Negotiation Project offers an unusually readible treatment, and useful tools for solving the real-world challenges of ethical negotiation.
Highly recommended.

The Organized Executive:
  A Program for Productivity:
    New Ways to Manage Time,
      Paper, People and the Electronic Office
-- Stephanie Winston's initial book provided a readible collection of usable tools and technigues for managing the flood on information of modern life. The TRAF method, set out over three pages in the first 40 are worth hundreds of dollars of value, and constitute the basis of much of our systems analysis 'basic training.'
Highly recommended.


    'Quickies' are just quick links for interesting books. No recommendation either way unless mentioned.
Sysadmin UNIX System Administration Handbook (PH)    per Server/Workstation Expert: a Must Have 
C The UNIX Programming Environment (PH)   
Perl The Black Perl Book (Coriolis)    ... looks interesting
Shell - Basic training Teach Yourself Unix Shell Programming in 14 Days (Sams)   ... older
Shell - Basic training Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours (Sams)   

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The Education of a Speculator, Niederhoffer, Victor
Practical Speculation, Niederhoffer, Victor
The Interpretation of Financial Statements, Graham, Benjamin
Security Analysis, Graham, Benjamin
Entries & Exits : Visits to 16 Trading Rooms (Wiley Trading), Elder, Alexander
Come Into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading, Elder, Alexander
Trading for a Living: Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management, Elder, Alexander
C Programming Language, 2nd Ed, Kernighan, Brian W.
Programming Perl (3rd Edition), Wall, Larry
The Algorithm Design Manual, Skiena, Steve S.
The Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1-3 Boxed Set, Knuth, Donald E.
Calculated Bets, Skiena, Steven
sed & awk (2nd Edition), Robbins, Arnold
sendmail, 3rd Edition, Costales, Bryan
SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE : Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, Covey, Stephen R.
The Unix Programming Environment (Prentice-Hall Software Series), Kernighan, Brian W.
Beating the Street, Lynch, Peter
100 Minds That Made the Market, Fisher, Kenneth L.
The Wall Street Waltz: 90 Visual Perspectives : Illustrated Lessons from Financial Cycles and Trends, Fisher, Kenneth L.
How to Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method, Polya, George
Fischer Black and the Revolutionary Idea of Finance, Mehrling, Perry
Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition, Cormen, Thomas H
Advanced Programming in the UNIX(R) Environment, Stevens, W. Richard
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - 2nd Edition (MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), Abelson, Harold
Death March, Second Edition, Yourdon, Edward
The Career Programmer: Guerilla Tactics for an Imperfect World, Duncan, Christopher
Yes, You Can Time the Market!, Stein, Ben
Four Days with Dr. Deming: A Strategy for Modern Methods of Management (Engineering Process Improvement Series), Latzko, William J.
Mechanical Trading Systems: Pairing Trader Psychology with Technical Analysis (Wiley Trading), Weissman, Richard L.
Wall Street Waltz, Fisher, Kenneth L.
Thriving on Chaos: Handbook for a Management Revolution, Peters, Tom
The Research Driven Investor: How to Use Information, Data and Analysis for Investment Success, Hayes, Timothy
Exploring General Equilibrium, Black, Fischer
A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates, Corporation, Rand
19 Deadly Sins of Software Security (Security One-off), Howard, Michael
How to Break Web Software: Functional and Security Testing of Web Applications and Web Services, Andrews, Mike
Evidence-Based Technical Analysis: Applying the Scientific Method and Statistical Inference to Trading Signals, Aronson, David R
Technical Analysis: Power Tools for Active Investors, Appel, Gerald
The Areas of My Expertise, Hodgman, John
Stock Trader's Almanac 2001 (Stock Trader's Almanac, 2001), Hirsch, Yale
Stock Trader's Almanac 2003, Hirsch, Yale
Stock Trader's Almanac 2005 (Stock Trader's Almanac), Hirsch, Jeffrey A.
The Little Book That Beats the Market, Greenblatt, Joel
Vault Guide to Advanced Finance & Quantitative Interviews, Vault, Staff of
The All-Season Investor: Successful Strategies for Every Stage in the Business Cycle, Pring, Martin J.
Stock Trader's Almanac 2004 (Stock Trader's Almanac), Hirsch, Jeffrey A.
No Bull: My Life In and Out of Markets, Steinhardt, Michael
The Bull Hunter: Tracking Today's Hottest Investments, Denning, Dan
Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age, Graham, Paul
Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals, Pirsig, Robert
The Best Software Writing I: Selected and Introduced by Joel Spolsky, Spolsky, Joel
Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, Lewis, Michael
Street Smarts: High Probability Short-Term Trading Strategies, Connors, Laurence A.
Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes And How To Correct Them: Lessons From The New Science Of Behavioral Economics, Belsky, Gary
Barbarians to Bureaucrats: Corporate Life Cycle Strategies, Miller, Lawrence M.
The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less, Koch, Richard
The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey, Blanchard, Kenneth H.
Money Market Calculations, Stigum, Marcia
Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss what Matters Most, Stone, Douglas
The Virtue of Selfishness, Rand, Ayn
Trading As A Business, Wright, Charlie F.
The Maslow Business Reader, Maslow, Abraham H.
The Day Trader's Manual: Theory, Art, and Science of Profitable Short-Term Investing, Eng, William F.
The Wisdom of Crowds, Surowiecki, James
Ubiquity: Why Catastrophes Happen, Buchanan, Mark
Stairway to the Mind: The Controversial New Science of Consciousness, Scott, Alwyn
Web ReDesign 2.0: Workflow that Works, Goto, Kelly
How to Get Started in Active Trading and Investing, Nassar, David S.
Winning Decisions: Getting It Right the First Time, Russo, J. Edward
Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide, Second Edition, Thomas, Dave
Agile Web Development with Rails: A Pragmatic Guide (Pragmatic Programmers), Thomas, Dave
The Daily Drucker: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done, Drucker, Peter F.
Jim Cramer's Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World, Cramer, James J.
Stock Trader's Almanac 2006, Organization, Hirsch
Trading Rules II: More Strategies for Success, Eng, William F.
Wall Street Words, Scott, David Logan
Beating the Dow, 1992: A High-Return, Low-Risk Method for Investing in the Dow Jones Industrial Stocks With As Little As, O'Higgins, Michael
Making Sense of Accounting Information: A Practical Guide for Understanding Financial Reports and Their Use, Haller, Leon
How to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading: Everything You Need to Know to Play Wall Street's Hottest Game, Nassar, David S.
Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People, O'Connor, Joseph
Sun Tzu: The Art of War for Managers; 50 Strategic Rules, Sun-tzu
Sharkproof: Get the Job You Want, Keep the Job You Love... in Today's Frenzied Job Market, MacKay, Harvey
The Warren Buffett Way: Investment Strategies of the World's Greatest Investor, Hagstrom, Robert G.
Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco, Burrough, Bryan
Earn More (Sleep Better): The Index Fund Solution, Evans, Richard E.
The Money Lords, Josephson
The Nature of Risk: Stock Market Survival and the Meaning of Life, Mamis, Justin
The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing: Morningstar's Guide to Building Wealth and Winning in the Market, Dorsey, Pat
Buffett:: The Making of an American Capitalist, Lowenstein, Roger
Buy the Rumor, Sell the Fact, Maiello, Michael
Cartoon Guide to Statistics, Gonick, Larry
NLP: The New Technology, Comprehensive, Nlp
Zen Flesh, Zen Bones (Shambhala Pocket Classics), Reps, Paul
Advanced UNIX Programming (2nd Edition) (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series), Rochkind, Marc J.
The Practice of Programming, Kernighan, Brian W.
The Master Swing Trader: Tools and Techniques to Profit from Outstanding Short-Term Trading Opportunities, Farley, Alan S.
The Math Instinct: Why You're a Mathematical Genius (Along with Lobsters, Birds, Cats, and Dogs), Devlin, Keith
Shaker Built: The Form and Function of Shaker Architecture, Rocheleau, Paul
The New Market Wizards: Conversations with America's Top Traders, Schwager, Jack D.
The Language of Mathematics: Making the Invisible Visible, Devlin, Keith
Game Theory for Applied Economists, Gibbons, Robert
Portable C and Unix System Programming (Prentice-Hall Software Series), Lapin, J. E.
The Making of a Stockbroker (Fraser Contrary Opinion Library Book), Lefevre, Edwin
The Millennium Problems: The Seven Greatest Unsolved Mathematical Puzzles of Our Time, Devlin, Keith J.
Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders, Schwager, Jack D.
Stock Market Wizards: Interviews with America's Top Stock Traders, Schwager, Jack D.
Stock Trader's Almanac 2002 (Stock Traders Almanac, 2002),
Trade Like a Hedge Fund: 20 Successful Uncorrelated Strategies & Techniques to Winning Profits (Wiley Trading), Altucher, James
If You Want It Done Right, You Don't Have to Do It Yourself!: The Power of Effective Delegation, Genett, Donna M.
The Misbehavior of Markets, Mandelbrot, Benoit
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (A Marketplace Book), Lefèvre, Edwin
The Science of Decision-Making: An Introduction to Praxeology, Kaufmann, Arnold.
Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Tharp, Van K.
Thinking Strategically: The Competitive Edge in Business, Politics, and Everyday Life, Dixit, Avinash K.
Real Options: Managing Strategic Investment in an Uncertain World (Financial Management Association Survey and Synthesis, Amram, Martha
The Candlestick Course, Nison, Steve
The Organized Executive : New Ways to Manage Time, Paper, and People, Winston, Stephanie
Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, Hofstadter, Douglas R.
How Would You Move Mount Fuji? Microsoft's Cult of the Puzzle - How the World's Smartest Company Selects the Most Creati, Poundstone, William
A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) -- 2000 Edition, Institute, Project Management
Managing a Hedge Fund, Black, Keith
Trading Rules: Strategies for Success, Eng, William F.
Tape Reading and Market Tactics, Neill, Humphrey Bancroft
The Art of Speculation (Wiley Investment Classic), Carret, Philip L.
The Latex Companion (Addison-Wesley Series on Tools and Techniques for Computer T), Goossens, Michel
Bollinger on Bollinger Bands, Bollinger, John A.
The Technical Analysis of Stocks, Options and Futures, Eng, William F.
The Mythical Man-Month. Essays on Software Engineering., Brooks, Frederick P. Jr.
The Unix Philosophy, Gancarz, Mike
The Cuckoo's Egg Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage, Stoll, Clifford
Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, 2nd Edition, Schneier, Bruce
The One Minute Manager: The Quickest Way to Increase Your Own Prosperity, Blanchard, Kenneth, and Spencer Johnson
Martin Zweig Winning on Wall Street, Zweig, Martin
The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2004 + CD (Crb Commodity Yearbook), Bureau, Inc. Commodity Research
Yes, You Can Become a Successful Income Investor! Reaching for Yield in Today's Market, Stein, Benjamin
The Successful Investor: What 80 Million People Need to Know to Invest Profitably and Avoid Big Losses, O'Neil, William J.
How To Make Money In Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times or Bad, 3rd Edition, O'Neil, William J.
Mastering the Trade (McGraw-Hill Trader's Edge), Carter, John F.
Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications (New York Institu, Murphy, John J.
How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market, Darvas, Nicolas
Professional Stock Trading: System Design and Automation, Conway, Mark R.
Technical Analysis from A to Z, 2nd Edition, Achelis, Steven B.
MESA and Trading Market Cycles: Forecasting and Trading Strategies from the Creator of MESA (Wiley Trader's Exchange), Ehlers, John F.
A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market, Paulos, John Allen
Technical Analysis for Dummies, Rockefeller, Barbara
Who's Afraid of Adam Smith? How the Market Got Its Soul, Dougherty, Peter J.
How To Win Friends and Influence People, Carnegie, Dale (1888-1955)
Confessions of a Used Program Salesman: Institutionalizing Software Reuse, Tracz, Will
The Taylor Trading Technique, Taylor, George D.
Making TeX Work (A Nutshell Handbook), Walsh, Norman
Open Source Development with CVS: Learn How to Work With Open Source Software, Fogel, Karl
No Excuse Leadership: Lessons from the U.S. Army's Elite Rangers, Barber, Brace E.
Introductory Statistics with R, Dalgaard, Peter
Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk, Bernstein, Peter L.
Smart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions, Hammond, John S.
Beating the Dow (Revised and Updated), O'Higgins, Michael B.
Don't Spend Your Raise : And 59 Other Money Rules You Can't Afford to Break, Duguay, Dara
Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt, Mackay, Harvey
The Option Advisor: Wealth-Building Techniques Using Equity & Index Options (A Marketplace Book), Schaeffer, Bernie
The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China, including The Art of War, Sawyer, Mei-Chun
The Tao of Spycraft: Intelligence Theory and Practice in Traditional China, Sawyer, Ralph D.
A Beautiful Mind: The Life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate John Nash, Nasar, Sylvia
Martin Pring on Market Momentum, Pring, Martin J.
The profit magic of stock transaction timing, Hurst, J. M
New Blueprints for Gains in Stocks & Grains and One-Way Formula for Trading in Stocks & Commodities (Traders' Ma, Dunnigan, William
Extension Course for Trading Commodities (Traders' Masterclass), Pickell, Mark W.
User Interface Design for Programmers, Spolsky, Joel
The Investor's Business Daily Almanac, 1992: The Fact, the Figures, the Trends (Investor's Almanac), Daily, Investor's Business
Picking Winners, Beyer, Andrew
IP Routing Protocols: RIP, OSPF, BGP, PNNI and Cisco Routing Protocols, Black, Uyless N
Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series), Gamma, Erich
Weiss Ratings' Guide to Stock Mutual Funds: A Quarterly Compilation of Investment Ratings and Analyses Covering Equity a, Ratings, Inc. Weiss
Norwegian in 10 Minutes a Day, Kershul, Kristine K.
Algorithms in C++, Sedgewick, Robert
Weiss Ratings' Guide to Common Stocks Spring 06: A Quarterly Compilation of Ratings and Analyses Covering Common Stocks, Ratings, Inc. Weiss
Marketer's Toolkit: The 10 Strategies You Need To Succeed (Harvard Business Essentials), Press, Harvard Business School
Operating Systems: Design and Implementation (Second Edition), Tanenbaum, Andrew S.
Deal Terms - The Finer Points of Venture Capital Deal Structures, Valuations, Term Sheets, Stock Options and Getting VC, Wilmerding, Alex
Term Sheets & Valuations - A Line by Line Look at the Intricacies of Venture Capital Term Sheets & Valuations (B, Wilmerding, Alex
How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short (Wiley Trading), O'Neil, William J.
Business Process Improvement: The Breakthrough Strategy for Total Quality, Productivity, and Competitiveness, Harrington, H. James
UNIX(R) System V Network Programming, Rago, Stephen A.
Complete Conditioning For Tennis,
Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor, Bogle, John C.
Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, Fisher, Roger
Joel on Software: And on Diverse and Occasionally Related Matters That Will Prove of Interest to Software Developers, De, Spolsky, Joel
Winning In The Future Markets: A Money-Making Guide to Trading Hedging and Speculating, Revised Edition, Angell, George
Viewpoints of a Commodity Trader, Longstreet, Roy W.
Securitization of Credit: Inside the New Technology of Finance, Rosenthal, James A.
Unexpected Returns: Understanding Secular Stock Market Cycles, Easterling, Ed
Network Intrusion Detection (3rd Edition), Northcutt, Stephen
Disaster Recovery (Networking), Varghese, Mathew
Getting past no : negotiating with difficult people, Ury, William
Bull's Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market, Mauldin, John F.
Pattern Hatching: Design Patterns Applied (Software Patterns Series), Vlissides, John M.
Adventures in Unix Network Applications Programming (Wiley Professional Computing), Reiken, Bill
Applied Numerical Analysis (World Student), Gerald, Curtis F.
Just One Thing: Twelve of the World's Best Investors Reveal the One Strategy You Can't Overlook,
The great Wall Street scandal, Dirks, Raymond L
The Professional Commodity Trader (Look Over My Shoulder), Kroll, Stanley
High Probability trading, Link, Marcel
Investment Gurus: A Road Map to Wealth from the World's Best Money Managers (Selection of Money Book Club), Tanous, Peter J.
The Codebreakers: The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet, Kahn, David
Individual Investor's Guide to No-load Mutual Funds,
The compleat strategyst : being a primer on the theory of games of strategy, Williams, J. D.
Freakonomics : A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything, Levitt, Steven D.
Web Design in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference, Niederst, Jennifer
The Mathematics of Technical Analysis: Applying Statistics to Trading Stocks, Options and Futures, Sherry, Clifford J.
Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin, Gould, Stephen Jay
Wall Street Meat: My Narrow Escape from the Stock Market Grinder, Kessler, Andy
Practical Unix and Internet Security, 2nd Edition, Garfinkel, Simson
Building Internet Firewalls, Chapman, D. Brent
Incident Response, Wyk, Kenneth R. van
Perl in a Nutshell, Siever, Ellen
Life With Unix: A Guide for Everyone, Libes, Don
Learning the UNIX Operating System (Nutshell Handbook), Todino-Gonguet, Grace
Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War, Coram, Robert
201 Best Questions To Ask On Your Interview, Kador, John
Open Source Game Programming: QT Games For KDE, PDAs, And Windows (Game Development Series), Heni, Martin
Ripsnorting Whoppers!: Humor from America's Heartland, Sowash, Rick
Fourth Generation Languages: 4Gls from IBM (Fourth Generation Languages), Martin, James
The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2003, Bureau, Commodity Research
ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW IN BUSINESS I LEARNED AT MICROSOFT: Insider Strategies to Help You Succeed, Bick, Julie
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't, Collins, Jim
High Performing Investment Teams: How to Achieve Best Practices of Top Firms, Ware, Jim
How to Trade in Stocks, Livermore, Jesse L.
Technical Analysis Explained (An Illustrated Guide For The Investor), Pring, Martin J
An Easy Guide to Factor Analysis, Kline, Paul
Automating your financial portfolio: An investor's guide to personal computers, Woodwell, Donald R
Does God Play Dice?: The Mathematics of Chaos, Stewart, Ian
Beyond Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate, Fisher, Roger
The Structure of Magic: A Book About Language and Therapy (Structure of Magic), Bandler, Richard
Presenting Magically: Transforming Your Stage Presence with NLP, James, Tad
Value Investing Made Easy, Lowe, Janet
Ahead of the Curve: A Commonsense Guide to Forecasting Business and Market Cycles, Ellis, Joseph H.
The No Nonsense Guide! Linspire Desktop Linux Operating System,
Data Analysis and Graphics Using R, Maindonald, John
Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude, Douglas, Mark
Jesse Livermore: The World's Greatest Stock Trader, Smitten, Richard
Speculation As a Fine Art and Thoughts on Life, Watts, Dickson G.
Zen and the Art of Poker: Timeless Secrets to Transform Your Game, Phillips, Larry
Technical Analysis, Schwager, Jack D.
Heard on the Street: Quantitative Questions from Wall Street Job Interviews, Crack, Timothy Falcon
Getting Started in Technical Analysis (Getting Started In.....), Schwager, Jack D.
Rule the Freakin' Markets: How to Profit in Any Market, Bull or Bear, Parness, Michael
Tools and Tactics for the Master DayTrader: Battle-Tested Techniques for Day, Swing, and Position Traders, Velez, Oliver
2000 Solved Problems in Discrete Mathematics, Lipschutz, Seymour
Crimes Against Logic, Whyte, Jamie
A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper, Paulos, John Allen
Trading the Fundamentals: The Trader's Guide to Interpreting Economic Indicators and Monetary Policy, Niemira, Micahel P.
Electronic Day Traders' Secrets: Learn From the Best of the Best DayTraders, Friedfertig, Marc
Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems, Pardo, Robert
Code Breaking: A History and Explanation, Kippenhahn, Rudolph
The Portable Curmudgeon,
With All Disrespect: More Uncivil Liberties, Trillin, Calvin
Ss Intelligence: The Nazi Secret Service, Blanford, Edmund L.
Use the News: How to Separate the Noise from the Investment Nuggets and Make Money in Any Economy, Bartiromo, Maria
Goldman Sachs : The Culture of Success, Endlich, Lisa
Samurai Leader The, Diffenderffer, Bill
Pushing the Envelope: How to Do It All the Way to the Top, Mackay, Harvey
Strategic Planning For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)), Olsen, Erica
Transformational Leader (Wiley Management Classic), Tichy, Noel M.
The Elements of Friendly Software Design, Heckel, Paul
Whatever Happened to the Hall of Fame, James, Bill
One-Minute Tips Unclutter Your Mind: 500 Tips for Focusing on What's Important, Smallin, Donna
Mean Business: How I Save Bad Companies and Make Good Companies Great, Dunlap, Albert J.
Algorithms, Sedgewick, Robert
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The Poker Face of Wall Street, Brown, Aaron
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Steal This Code! Create Reusable Software Components for Windows 95 and Windows NT, Williams, Al
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Extreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win, Auer, Ken
Technical Analysis: A Personal Seminar, NYIF
The Practical Forecasters Almanac: 137 Reliable Indicators for Investors, Hedgers, and Speculators,
The Little Schemer - 4th Edition, Friedman, Daniel P.
Resume Magic: Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer, Whitcomb, Susan Britton
Theory of Business Finance: A Book of Readings, Archer, Stephen H.
Profit from Legal Insider Trading: Invest Today on Tomorrow's News, Moreland, Jonathan
The Vital Few vs. the Trivial Many : Invest with the Insiders, Not the Masses, Muzea, George
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The Gorilla Game: An Investor's Guide to Picking Winners in High Technology, Moore, Geoffrey A.
The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had, Bauer, Susan Wise
The Mathematics of Games of Strategy, Dresher, Melvin
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How to Be Rich, Getty, J. Paul
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Professional Stock Trading: System Design and Automation, Conway, Mark R.
The Logic of Failure: Why Things Go Wrong and What We Can Do to Make Them Right, Dorner, Dietrich
The Forever War, Haldeman, Joe

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